Sunday, March 4, 2012

Paper Quilts Ala Carte

March is "Art is Education Month" in Alameda County and Dublin Library hosted an event on Saturday, March 3.  Families came out to work on paper quilt blocks that addressed the theme of Building a Better Future Together with healthy eating habits.  Participants were encouraged to work individually and together to design and create their quilt blocks.  All participants overcame any fears they may have experienced about art making in the past and plunged ahead with various colorful and experimental creations for the paper quilt that finally measured 40"H x 64"L.  The quilt will be on display all month in the library.

 A perfect afternoon for a bit of family time together while thinking about healthy eating, sharing meals and having fun.
 There's nothing like taking art to the next level.  As you can see one participant, Kyle loves origami and made a bowl and beverage container for one of his quilt blocks.   You get to make new friends with these events too.

Don't you just love the food in the bowl and the straw in the glass.  Awesome!

Think Green including gardening, green vegetables , greens for salads and green fruits...apples, kiwi, pears and yummy grapes.

Meal planning for today's family...Think About It.

 Yes father's know about meal planning and art making.  Our young artist couldn't part with his quilt block.

 There's nothing like teamwork to speed up the process.

Making quilt blocks was just what this participant need to get over her fear of art making.  She was a great help with cleaning up too.
 It is always exciting to see students think of different ideas to present a theme.  I really like Lose the Fat, Not the Flavor.

 As you can see all ages attended the workshop and that's exactly what we like to see for Art Is Education.

The paper quilt will be displayed around one or more pillars in the Dublin Library through the month of March.  Drop by and see it and think about making your own paper blocks using the theme of Building a Better Future Together.

A special thanks to the library team for inviting me to give this workshop and helping me set up, prepare the paper quilt for display and cleaning up afterwards.   Remember SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL LIBRARY.