Monday, January 4, 2010

Remembering 2009

2009 has come and gone but it will always be historical.  The year began with me enthusiastically awaiting a trip to Washington DC to see the inauguration of our first president of African American descent.  Added to that was the opportunity to have a quilt about President Obama in an exhibit in the Historical Society Museum of Washington, DC. I was counting the days, buying my thermal underwear, getting chemical handwarmers and hoping would to get a ticket for the inauguration from Congresswoman Barbara Lee.  Although I didn't get a ticket I had a wonderfully memorable trip that I will cherish for a lifetime.  I have a collection of memorabilia that I'll save for future projects and as keepsakes for our granddaughter, Jaade . who was born the year President Obama was elected. A sense of pride filled the streets and folks were helpful and courteous.  Although security was everywhere there were no obvious problems to be seen or felt anywhere we went.  I had the good fortune to travel with two friends that I have known for over 30 years and we explored the city and the museum together.

The stately exterior of the Historical Society Museum of Washington DC.

Marion, Loretta and Sandy in front of exhibit signage. I had the pleasant surprise of running into fellow guild member and UC Davis professor, Dr. Patricia Turner.The variety of techniques and materials used in the quilts was very exciting to see. Sorry no photos were allowed.   It was the first time I had a chance to see Carolyn Crump's work up close and personal.

We California girls are bundled up for our train journey from Baltimore to D.C.on inauguration day..   We came ready to deal with the east coast weather and it was pretty cold.

This is the place.

A view of the masses.

This is as close I could get. It was a whirlwind trip and worth every minute of it.

February was full of hard work too as two guild members, Dolores Presley and Julia Vitero and I prepared to exhbit work at the Bay Area Black United Fund Biannual African American Health Summit in Oakland.We received a Creative Work Fund grant to fabricate work about African American health disparities as part of the Critical Mass Health Conductors training program.  See for additional information.

Here's Julia with her mixed media quilt that has real flatware.  Julia and Dolores are founding members of AAQGO, the African American Quilt Guild of Oakland,

Summit patrons with poster of Health Conductor  # 1 Harriet Tubman.

Marion's and Julia's quilts in background behind information table. 

BABUF Express quilt by Dolores and quilts by Julia and Marion.  We made five quilts each addressing diet, exercise and stress management.  New venues are being sought for these pieces in 2010.

Stay tuned for dates of the next exhibition of these quilts.

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