Monday, February 15, 2010

Street Art

There's nothing like looking through my photo stash to inspire me to get moving with my sewing machine.  Today we are enjoying a mild President's Day and thought I'd share a few Street Art memories.  In the fall of 2008 I took a cruise with friends to Boston and points north.  I had never been to this part of the east coast and it was fabulous.  Wandering around Boston I was taken with the beautiful doors and the profusion of flowers in window boxes.  It is my plan to use these images to create colorful Portal quilts in the future.

This elegant doorway as you can see has beautiful stonework at several levels.

While this shows a more expansive entrance with a interesting set of windows, a sub-entrance and the metal railing.  The warm color mix probably helps during the cold, snowy winter season.


The wood and glass entrance set back from the street is welcoming yet private.


These entrances are all on one street and the variations were delightful to see and photograph. My gardening instincts were aroused when I saw this profusion of green around the dark door.  The metal fencing is so contemporary and complementary.

The stonework at this entrance showcases the glass and wood of the entryway while the flower boxes and the tree bring green to the urban landscape.

The entry arches with the brick sidewalk and building are established features on the east coast but we Californians don't see them.  We call it earthquake avoidance.

To close the door on Boston we can enjoy this forged metal grating.

In contrast Quebec presented its own unique styling of doors that are individual and colorful.


There is this extra tall red door surrounded by stone and white bordered windows.


How about this white double door surrounded with multiple size windows  both high and low.

Then there is a patch of blue.  Now when I uploaded these I really hadn't planned to do red, white and blue but it works out just fine.


This was available once who knows by now.  As you can see I am steadily going up hill from the slanted sidewalks.  Collecting art inspiration has been strenuous yet invigorating work.


The color combination of stoneware and brown is calm and earthy.


Ok, who remembers "Green Door--what's that secret you're keeping?"  In this case probably a peaceful and colorful life.  


These red doors round out my collection.  I hope to create work in the near future as I look at this artful architecture.  I'll keep you posted.  If you have created door inspired art let's share ideas.

I'll be continuing Street Art imagery this week by sharing my fascination with utility covers and urban landscape utilitarian art.  See you next time.

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