Friday, December 4, 2009

Crossing the Dateline

During mid-November several members of the Women of Color Quilters Network crossed the international dateline to attend Quilt Week Yokohama (November 12-14, 2009).  We were all delighted to have our Quilts for Obama exhibited in this yearly quilt exhibition that was well attended by local quilters.  We were honored to have joined artists from India and Russia as part of the festival's international guest list.

EdJohnetta Miller was one of several opening speakers who cut the ribbons allowing patrons to see the beautiful work on display.

 In Japanese fashion their mascots wearing quilted outfits waited patiently for the organizers to give opening remarks.

These are the quilted globes at the entry to the festival.  The entry also had a supersized quilt hanging from the Yokohama Pacifico Exhibition Hall.  The facility is on the waterfront and is adjacent to the Queen's Mall where you can find just about anything you want.

We have all heard about the excellent Japanese train service and I can confirm it.  Citizens were very courteous and helpful.  We managed to find our way from Tokyo Shinagawa Station to Yokohama Station without a glitch.  Of course it took a bit of walking or taking a taxi to get to the exhibition hall.  By day two we found we could ride to Queens Mall and walk half a block.

Carolyn Crump and EdJohnetta Miller managed to move faster than me and boarded the train in time.  I had to wait for the next train but it didn't take more than 10 minutes.  Lucky for us we were staying across from the steet from Shinagawa Station, a major hub that connected with all lines serving the city.

I love this No Smoking sign since the Japanese smoke everywhere.  As a Californian I was surprised to find patrons still smoking in public places.  But I can definitely say I was happy to hear over the train and bus public address systems that talking on cell phones isn't allowed as it might disturb the neighbors.  I must admit I have always hated being privy to other folks cell phone conversations in public.

Day 2 of the festival marked the beginning of the lectures about the quilts in the exhibit.  This is Peggy Hartwell speaking about her work.

Carolyn Crump with her quilt.

Cynthia Lockhart speaking about her work.

EdJohnetta and Naomi Ichikawa, the Editorial Director of Patchwork Tsushin.  Naomi treated us wonderfully and made the trip extra special by taking us to a traditional Japanese restaurant with all the delicacies.  Yum!

Naomi and Dr. Denise Campbell in front of Dr. Campbell's work.

Marion speaking about Winds for Change.

Latifah Shakir speaking about her work.

Artists in the House!

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