Wednesday, December 9, 2009

One Stitch or Step at a Time

Photos anyone? We could not take many photos at the festival so when we had the chance we snapped away.  Ms. Ishinami and I exchanged cards and smiles.  I imagine she's showing her friends photos of me just like I'm sharing photos of her.

Notice her fabulous bag?  In the marketplace there were as many vendors for bag handles as there were for fabrics.  The prize winners used felts, leather., fabrics and embellishments.  These are some of my favorites.


The other international artists graciously talked about their fiber/stitching traditions and shared beautiful piecework with all of us.  We shared laughs with this charming woman during breaks and when we walked around the marketplace.

We has less time to speak with the Russian artists but they happily smiled for the camera during the opening reception.  Sharing excellent Italian food and beverages we talked with Naomi's help, played bingo for prizes and shared folk music.  The finale of the event was responding to a traditional Japanese party closing song by clapping our hands. 

Dr. Campbell was a prize winner of package of multiple fabrics. After the games Russian and Japanese artists sang a folk song.

Russian fiber artists.

A Russian delegate with Caralyn Williams at the opening.

Now the adventure to get back to Tokyo began.  Making our way to the Queens Mall subway station we saw the Ferris wheel in full color.  It was very chilly so there was time to linger.  Through it all it felt safe to be moving around both cities.  When we arrived at Shinagawa in Tokyo crowds of people were still moving about enjoying their city and so did we.

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