Sunday, June 19, 2011

Separate Worlds

Marion working on Downtown Story Quilt--yes, this is a full size dress, hat and gloves.

First let me thank you all for your comments.  It is nice to see your interest in the workshops.  We certainly had lots of fun.  Today I'm sharing my latest project Separate Worlds, a six part story quilt project that is headed for Lithuania late this summer for a fall exhibit for the 2011 Textile Biennial in Kaunas, Lithuania.  I am also asking you to consider pledging to this project on the Kickstarter fundraising platform.  See this link for more information.  Any amount will help and you get a reward depending on the category you select.

Please share information about the project as I pursue this method of presenting my work to a larger audience. 

Now for a different story.  I was lucky to be a semi-finalist for a library public art project in New Orleans earlier this year.  I wasn't selected but I certainly had fun learning more about their jazz/music traditions.  Following are images for one of the mini quilts (maquettes) I made.  I plan to make them to full size and develop them more later this summer.  There will be three connected pieces. I'm still thinking about the Mardi Gras Indians and how to present them.

This is the second piece before I stitched it.  For the final pieces I'll add more detail for the figures.  These were just to get the idea across.

While researching this work I became aware of the rich diversity of musical forms for New Orleans and I look forward to getting them completed and I will be sharing them on my updated website.

Don't forget to check my Kickstarter project and please make a pledge for any amount.  This is the new way for each of us to be art patrons and benefactors.

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