Friday, July 1, 2011

Paper Quilt

Starting this month I'll be posting more frequently as I prepare for the Paper Quilt Project.  I've been invited to collaborate with an artist of my choice to make work for exhibition at the Berkeley Art Center in October.  The exhibit will include a catalog and I'll be posting about the process including images.  I'll be collaborating with my husband and fellow artist Nyls Jongewaard.  The theme of the project is interdependence or interconnectivity.  We are looking at relationships between people, places, the environment and the economy.  If you have ideas about the topic let me know.  I promise to keep better track of the comments.  As always thanks for checking on me.  If you are on Twitter you can also follow me there.

In the meantime, this piece is in the initial stage for my last Lithuania piece that will be about the 70's.  I'm looking at old photos of me with my Afro and platform shoes.  Gee I wish I had kept those.  Right now I'm excited about including clothing in work along with imagery, words and anything else I can find that fits the theme.

Happy Fourth of July weekend and happy art making to all.

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