Sunday, October 16, 2016

Longing for Africa

In the midst of this presidential campaign I am diverting and energizing myself with memory.  Two years ago I achieved a lifetime goal of going to Africa.  There was something wonderful and warming when I set foot on African soil.  Even the very long flight could not diminish the excitement of this coming and emotional returning to an unknown place.  There was so much to see and take in.  I could only have wished for more involvement with the people.  My roommate and I were very aware that we were the "rich" Americans.  One worker in the convention hall where quilts were exhibited said to  her, "take me home with you".  She asked why and he said "because you are rich in America."  We were the rich Americans.  Of course, we are rich because we had the money to travel to this far away place, stay in a good hotel, eat various foods, and see how others live.  It made us think and I still think about the opportunities available to me as an American.

But the wonderfulness of the trip remains with me today 2 years later and here are some of the scenes from the past.

Big Tree in Zimbabwe

Bridge between Zimbabwe and Zambia

Rainbow near the falls

                                          Victoria Falls

                                          Plants in Victoria Falls Park

Lushness everywhere and monkeys too.  

It was like being in a rain shower

I spent my last 3 days of my trip in Zimbabwe

What a ride

Early morning tea.

Approaching elephants

Dinner on the Zambezi River, what a wonderful sunset.

Hopefully I will begin making art about this adventure. Stay tuned as I get my groove back.

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