Sunday, October 23, 2016

So This Is 70!

Reaching 70 years of age was unimaginable when I helped my mother celebrate her 70th birthday but now that I am here it is a totally rewarding time to be alive.  I began to see the subtle changes  4-8 years ago when my hair became thinner and whiter.  Do I dare mention my double chin and sagging neck. What about the wrinkles in my finger tips.  I noticed that change when I went to get finger printed and the technician couldn't get a good print because of the puckers.  She said that often happens with older people.  Who was she calling "old".  What about the news reports that describe some woman as elderly when she was 65.  I like getting my social security check but wait a minute on the elderly woman name calling.

This image was taken last week when I went to mail my ballot.  We had better party while we can as life is full of uncertainty.

But I digress, yesterday I began moving toward a new decade with more memories and art.  I watched a video of Great Performances on PBS about "Hamilton".  I look forward to seeing it in spring when it comes to San Francisco.  I will have to be diligent to get a ticket I am sure.  I thoroughly enjoyed being lazy and eating carrot cupcakes.  Yum.  I forgot to drink the Proseco that I bought but I will make up for it today.  I planted flowers in pots on our patio.  I am returning to gardening this year as meditation.

But mainly I am enjoying the idea of staying true to myself and the art projects that I really want to create.  It is a beautiful life as  I look back and I look forward.

As for art, hope you enjoy these works that were on display at Firehouse Art Center, Pleasanton, CA from mid September until mid-October.  The exhibit was inconjunction with Cheza Nami Foundation Africa Festival.

                                          Homeland 2 and To Market

                                          Bourbon Street Blues

African Abstract

                                         Holes in the African Rain Forest

                                         Mask Parade 2 and 3

Have a wonderful week.

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