Sunday, November 20, 2016

Exploring Public Art

As early as 10 years ago I never really thought about public art.  A fellow artist introduced me to the concept and I am very grateful since public art is now a very important part of my art practice.  I cannot travel anyplace without looking for the work of artists.  I aspire to get my work in as many different places as possible.   Right now I would love to be creative enough to get work in a major airport.  I keep applying, but so far no go.  But I know from personal experience that persistence is required for all of my successes.

I remember traveling to Japan and seeing such usual work.  I often watch European programming and I continually look for innovative ideas that will inspire me to take my work to the next step.  Some art is absolutely fabulous.  At other times I wonder how the artist got the job.  But art is very subjective.

But today I am sharing examples of my work and the work of others.  The Hunter's Point Public Art Project in San Francisco helped me learn about new materials.  This is the unveiling of Visions of the Past, Vision for the Future.  It is still a hard hat area with construction around the area.  I eagerly await he completion of the project when it will be landscaped.

 Visions of the Past/Visions of the Future Outdoor Panels in Hunters Point Public Art Project
 Almost a year later and awaiting landscaping because there is construction near the left of the art installation.  It looks good but will look much better when the grounds are prepared.

 Community Center where original quilts are framed and on display.    The outdoor panels are up the hill to the right of this building.

  Interior of the Community Center with art on the wall in conference area.

These public public art murals in the Mission District of San Francisco.  I took them when I was visiting KQED Studios earlier this year for an interview about the Neighborhoods Coming Together project that I curated.

 These photos were taken during a walk in Oakland, CA Chinatown.

These are images of the West Contra Costa Health Center where my work is featured at all of the 8 health stations and at both ends of the building.  Three of my quilts were translated into large scale industrial fiber.

See you next week.  If you are reading this on a Sunday, Happy Headwrap Day. I am on to making my new party girl series.  Go listen to your music and dance.

 Got to put a bit of humor in life.

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