Sunday, November 6, 2016

What a Year

As we reach the conclusion of an historic election I am focusing on the wonders of the year that have nothing to do with the election.   In January I had the first of two cataract surgeries.  It was an easy procedure and greatly improved my vision.  I was almost ready to drive at night again.  But more fun was the opportunity to visit with girlfriends and trek to the shores of Alabama.  Frankly I never thought of Alabama has having coastline.  Now that was my failure in geography.

It just affirmed my desire to see more of America.  Oftentimes we think of far away places without taking the time to explore what is nearby.  As usual I get a thrill at arriving at a new place and seeing very different places.

The other revelation was how close our condo was to Florida.  We took a day trip for lunch in Pensacola.  There was much to see and think about.  Somehow I always think about my ancestors who worked this land.  I get a feeling of melancholy for all those unknown ancestors and I find it impossible to see myself living in the south again.  I am impressed with their strength of body and spirit in an environment of hardship and abuse.  How could I not wonder if I would have been able to withstand it.  But I know I am them and they are me.

Here are images from the trip to Orange Beach, Alabama.  I enjoyed the gulf coast and if you get a change to visit, don't pass it up.

 Views from our condo.  Fabulous isn't it!

 Girlfriends Janice and Sandy.  We have known each other over 40 years.

 Views from Pensacola.

Talk with you next Sunday when we have a new president.  VOTE!  My ancestors struggled and died for this right and privilege.

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