Monday, August 16, 2010

Taking It to the Streets II

Montreal was so much fun that I took a few shots in Kansas City in May of 2009 and many more in Japan in November 2009.  Kansas City also had a beautiful larger flat metal sculpture on one street.  Wish I knew who created the piece.  This sewer cover has what reminds me of a tree.

Japan has a unique set of street/walkway art that I enjoyed viewing on a quiet Sunday morning.

These flower pieces are on a walking bridge over a main thoroughfare.

 Of course there are the utility covers with their own unique patterns and sizes.

Once again I should have been making rubbings too.  Maybe some other day and trip.
Then we have this metal maze and its lined concrete surroundings.

Wonder what the K stands for.

What a wonderful visual abstraction.  Now for a fiber translation.

The asphalt creates the beautiful blue tone surrounding of the diamonds and star.

We're back to nature creating the texture around the cover.  Of course we don't like it when we have to drive over these uneven surfaces.

This was great with the bit of gold color on the top and bottom of the cover.

The white square around these double diamonds on the cover create an interesting effect.  I can definitely see this working in fiber.

The breaks and cracks keep me looking for more.

 As you see this cover is surrounded by textured tiles.

Here we get three for one.

These two covers are from Spokane.

This last cover is one of several I have from San Francisco but we'll do those another day.  Besides I have to remember where I put them along with images from my hometown.  Hope you enjoyed the street scape imagery and don't forget to look down when you talk your walk.  There's beauty in unexpected places.

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