Monday, August 16, 2010

Taking It to the Streets

When I am traveling I always enjoy looking at utility covers.  Something about them fascinates me and some day I'll decide what art I can make from these photos. 

A couple of years ago I took a cruise to Canada and started taking photos of what I consider to be industrial street art in Montreal. These are some of my favorites including the bits of leaves, pocked street surfaces and other residue.
  This is one of my favorites of Bell Canada.  I like the fissures coming from around the circle.

If I had been thinking I should have taken some rubbings too.  The textures are great.
I like the variations and creativity of the designers for this very functional metalwork.

These two are close but just a bit different.

Once again a variation and the wear around the cover shows the power of water and pressure.
Now this is totally different and allows for more drainage.

This diamond pattern is also interesting and I find I like the surrounding color changes as well.

The smaller cover and surrounding concrete, dab of blue paint and wet dirt conjures up the urban landscape.

The bits of banana peel, cigarette butts enclosed by the square of metal reminds us to take better care of the planet.  Some do/some don't.

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