Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Art making has been exciting and rewarding since I last made a post.  It was my good fortune to have traveled to Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan in October to participate in the Cuesta Benberry Symposium,  I had a chance to meet new friends and reconnect with Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi and Kyra Hicks.  The weather was beautiful and I was able to add to my collection of utility covers and public art images.

These scenes of the creek running through the campus provided inspiration for future landscape pieces.  I enjoyed meandering around looking at gates, bicycles and students going about the business of campus life.

I love this tree with it silver branches.  I have it on my bulletin board with the hope of recreating it's wispy appearance.

 This garden gate sparked my interest as I explore sculptural forms for future projects.  

As always I went in search of utility covers.  I like these because they are in grass.  Here's a bit a green before the snow that has been blanketing the area recently.

I particularly like this one with the debris all around it.  Each has a different pattern/design and I'm always looking for that.

Now I have to learn to make digital prints since these covers are really catching my fancy.

Which one is your favorite?  More than one meets the cut, let me know what you think.

When I visited Japan in fall of 2009 I began looking at bicycles as art.  They had all types including many with seats for children.  On campus they are an affordable mode of transportation and came in many colors and styles.

 I like the style of the pink bike but I would want it in purple or bright red.  You know what I always say, put something shiny on it!

 The public art on and near the campus is also very interesting.  I had a chance to take photos while I listened the the MSU band practice.  You could hear them clearly and it made me want to march.  Don't you just love the enthusiasm of youth.

The large abstract sculpture was wonderful and is in marked contrast to this figurative sculpture on the edge of campus.  As a public artist I am always looking at the presentations of other artists.  The photo tile pillars are an option I may pursue in the future.  There's always so much to see and explore and I hope you enjoy this mini trip to East Lansing.

This shot shows the beginning of the pillars and they are all aligned so you can't see the others behind this one.

Doesn't this abstract piece make you want to dance?  Go for it!

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