Thursday, February 17, 2011


In December a lunar eclipse was visible in Castro Valley.  My husband I dressed warmly and took our cameras outside to photograph the event.  The eclipse was much clearer looking through my camera viewer than observing the eclipse with the naked eye.  It was interesting to see the color changes as the eclipse progressed.  A small quilt series might be possible with these images and now might be the time to look at using fiber paints to achieve these color blends.  It sure was fun watching this natural phenomenon occur.

Isn't this a beautiful red color with the darker shades showing on the left and bottom.  I'm happy I had a chance to see it and include it my memories of the natural world.

Now let's come back to earth and talk trees!  I have always loved them and can't seem to pass one without  taking a photograph.  As a semi-finalist for the North Berkeley, CA Public Library I proposed a series of metal trees for two of the hallways that will be part of the library expansion.  I was fortunate to be selected the finalist for  the project and will be collaborating with my husband and fellow artist, Nyls Jongewaard who will be fabricating the designs for me.  I get to learn about metal work with this project and it is an exciting expansion of my work.

This is the design board for the project.  We'll be using a reverse applique concept with copper and stainless steel.  I'll keep you posted on progress of the project including images of us at work.

These are quilts of trees in progress.  The winter tree quilt is made in the same tones as the metal trees.

This piece is 30" x 31.5" and is straighter than this photo indicates.  I really should be using my tripod.
Evening tree in progress

Spring tree in progress

I anticipate making ten or more tree series quilts which have a calming effect on me and others.  I'd like to do some hospital commissions and these just might work.  Following are some of my inspiration sources for the next pieces.  Fortunately for me there are lots of green spaces in my little town and lakes too.  Who knows I may try quilts with water themes as well.

These trees are on a local road near Lake Chabot. I like the idea of including the fence. Sometimes horses are grazing in the field.  The region has Oak and Eucalpytus trees in abundance.
I can see this as an abstract with that bit of gold along with the various shades of green and greys.

Who says California doesn't have color with its seasons.  Here's a bit of gold in December.

This is the inspiration tree  for my public art project.

The last bits of red and gold before winter rains wash the leaves away.

A grove of Eucalyptus near Crow Creek Canyon
Winter trees inspiration

This wall and tree were near highway 680 approaching Walnut Creek.  The shadow on the wall add to the texture along with the exposed earth next to vivid green grass.  This is definitely next in the series.

This grove of trees are in Alameda right off the San Francisco Bay.  They take lots of abuse from the winds blowing off the bay.

These show a bit of lean from the elements

All of these Alameda trees show the variation of sizes and tree structure that bring a richness to the environment.  As Joyce Kilmer wrote

"I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree..."

Enjoy the trees in your neighborhood.

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