Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Marion and Ms. Mandela who is a visiting from South Africa

Visiting the Michigan State Museum Archives was educational and fun.  There was so much cool stuff to see in addition to the quilts.  The staff was wonderful and graciously lead tours of their collections.  When I wasn't drooling over quilts I was wanting to see hats and shoes.  I am also very honored to have my quilt "Angry Young Men" included in the museum collection.  Whoopee!

Stacks of quilts to be viewed during the behind the scenes tour of the museum collections.

Wonderful African quilts top and below

Quilt detail of children playing soccer.

 Let me stop right now and give many thanks to the Michigan State Museum and staff members for allowing photography of the work and permission to show it.

Donkey quilt.  I'm lucky to have a small donkey panel that my Aunt Corine gave me.  She is 100 years old and her birthday is next Friday, February 25th.  Here's to her making 101.  Did I mention she still makes quilts and lives independently.  How's that for a quilt family legacy.

Quilt lovers one and all including a quilter from Colorado, Marion, Dr. Mazloomi, Ms. Mandela and Dr. Marsha McDowell, Museum Curator of Folk Arts

 Michigan quilter, Dr. Mazloomi, Ms. Mandela, Dr. McDowell and Colorado quilter.  If you ladies see this write and give me your names again.  You know how we seniors are.  Dr. Patricia Turner, fellow guild member had just given a lecture at the symposium but I missed getting her in these shots.

These are a sample of the quilts from the Benberry Collection that we came to see as part of the Cuesta Benberry Symposium.  We were treated to a lecture and video presentation about The Skin Project video by Lauren Cross,  Dr. Mazloomi, Dr. Patricia Turner and Kyra Hicks were among the distinguished speakers.  The whole thing was topped off with a tasty reception and welcome presentation by the museum director.  You couldn't ask for more than that.

Cuesta's Choice Quilt by Hazel Carter

Black Family Quilt by Dr. Mazloomi

Sampler by Cuesta Benberry

Little Brown Koko Quilt by Jeannie Cuddy, 1943

Visit this link to see an article I wrote for the Alliance for California Traditional Arts

It's always a pleasure to get together with fellow quilt lovers and I am hoping there will be more quilt retreats and symposiums that I can enjoy in 2011.  In the meantime keep making art.


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