Friday, October 18, 2013

Art Around Town

Of course these quilt are just to entice visitors to see the real thing in Cincinnati or some other venue when a tour schedule is developed.  I could spend days soaking in the beauty of the quilts and reflecting on the stories they tell. Lauren Austin had two pieces to the left of me that show the power of fiber.  Lauren came from China to share community with us.  We thoroughly enjoyed hearing about her life in China where citizens look to her window to watch her do everyday tasks including cooking meals.

 Detail 1
 Detail 2

Hugs  all around with Lauren Austin,China; Trish Williams, Indiana; Latifah Shakir, Georgia and Marion Coleman, California

This is a second piece by Lauren

These images do not do justice to the imagery, materials and craftsmanship presented by the  quilts.
To learn more about Lauren's work see this link Lauren Austin Website   
Following is one of two pieces by Linda Gray,  In Vogue: the Harlem Renaissance

Her Heart was in the Clouds is next to In Vogue: Harlem Renaissance.  It is one of two pieces that I have in the exhibit.  This quilt showcases a "First", Bessie Coleman, a fellow native Texan who had to go to France to get her pilots license.  Although we have the same last name, we are not related.  I greatly admire her bravery and diligence.

Across from Linda and me is the fine work of Dawn Williams Boyd who was another of my internet girlfriends. It was great to meet her at last.  This work is La Croix de Guerre.  She find out more about Dawn and her work at her website Dawn Williams Boyd

The work of another dear friend, Latifah Shakir was next to Dawn.  Unfortunately I didn't get a clear shot of that piece about Madam C.J. Walker but I do have her work Letter from Birmingham Jail.  Latifah met in 2009 when we both went to Japan for the Journey of Hope exhibit at Quilt Week Yokohama.

These are quilts by other new friends.

April (Anue) Ship presents An Open Book to Freedom about Harriet Beecher Stowe.  Don't you just love that dress.  See April speak about her work in this video

Dorothy Burge and I met while going to an interview with Jessica Brown of Fox 19 television.  She is holding the Touching Ragonon inspired by the work of Aminah Robinson.  I'll have more on that later.

 This is the back of the Touching ragonon.  I hope I am spelling it right.  Feel free to write and correct me.

The model for this piece , Trayvon Could Be My Son, is a relative of Dorothy's and she reports she had tried another slightly older child who didn't want to hold the Skittles but this child took hold and this the moving results.  Dorothy also has another quilt, Lest We Forget: Tribute to James Cameron.  You will be inspired by both.  This link tells you more about Dorothy   Dorothy Burge

Unfortunately for me I didn't to see Iris Simmons this time but she was there in spirit with this quilt Homage to Romare Bearden.  Thanks Iris.

I have always admired the work of Marjorie Diggs Freeman and it was good to meet her.  These are images of Freedom Riders: Spring and Summer 1963

 Detail 1
 Detail 2
Detail 3
Check this link for more information about Marjorie  Alliance for American Quilts Interview

Mayota and all of us are fortunate that Mr. Angelou will be in town and speaking at the Freedom Center next month.  How great is that!

 I had the pleasure of hearing Helen Murell explain her inspiration and technique to some of the first visitors to the exhibit.  We Are All Warmed by the Same Sun pays homage to those men used in the Tuskegee syphilis experiments. Aren't we outraged by the idea and reality.  She hand embroidered these figures.


There are so many beautiful quilts for you to see but you will to see the others when you visit the Freedom Center.

The quilt leading the charge for visitors to come to the museum is Lucy Terry Prince: The Griot's Vice by Peggie Hartwell.  Here it is larger than life

To learn more about Peggy and her work see this link

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