Wednesday, October 23, 2013


The past months have been spent teaching book arts at various locations as part of Art Is Education a joint project of the Alameda County Library System and Alameda County Arts Commission.  There are many beautiful altered book projects and the challenge is to make it understandable and doable within 2a  hour period.  I enjoyed making book samples and was impressed by the efforts of students of all ages.

 Dance ballerinas dance!  This is a combination of an older book with magazine photo imagery that has been stabilized enough to stand.

 This brings be back to my old high school football days.  College bands are still big stuff.
 Nyls made these and I am still trying to learn to do this one.
 This altered book is included as  we are only a week away from the annual sugar rush.

 For all the young modern dancers this one is a lot of fun.  Teen girls like these.
 Young boys like these  Bots!
 Step into outer space with this one.
 Riding the waves.
Dancing warriors.

Tomorrow I will present student work.

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