Saturday, October 19, 2013

Art Inside and Out

During my first visit to the Freedom Center I got off the elevator on the second floor and saw this amazing artwork by Aminah Robinson. As a fiber lover I was knocked off my feet.   Her two part series Journey I and II is phenomenal.  There is so much to see and it would take many visits to all of the various parts.  I was inspired to think large.

 Journey I and Journey II


 Touching ragonon

This Dorothy Burge again holding it.


Detail 1

There are many moving exhibits but the slave pen commands deep attention.  I walked inside and thought of the people held there who would once again be separated from all that they have known and families who are dear to them.  Two young men in their late teens or early twenties also came in and put the chains that were on the floor around their ankles.  At first I thought they were getting ready to do a reenactment but then I discovered they were just experiencing the moment.  The slave pen was on a Kentucky farm and brought to Ohio to be reconstructed.

 Information about the slave pen

This map provides additional information.

The Freedom Center addresses all forms of slavery but is dedicated to freedom.

These are the last of the riverfront public art objects that I observed.  Since I have been thinking more about metal I enjoyed seeing this metal flower interpretation.

The  Great American Ball Park is in the rear. 

As I continued to explore the area with friend, Latifah she suggested we walk toward the other end of Vine.  The community at that end is a developing art community.  It appears African Americans lived in the area and many of them still do.  These are some of the murals on the buildings.

 Following are building details that I found as I walked along the sidewalk.  They are wonderful inspiration for stitching.  I will be examining them more carefully in the days ahead.

 Now many of you have seen the art cows but I hope you enjoy this pig.

 I was very pleased to discover these buildings and look forward to using them in some projects.  Downtown Cincinnati is undergoing a reconstruction.  My hotel was on fifth street.  The Freedom Center was within walking distance.  On the corner of Fifth and Vine there is a big plaza with a large TV screen.  I didn't take a photo of that since the local football team was playing and there were too many folks cheering or shouting.  But I thought it was interesting that there would wide screen TV available for folks to see and support their local teams. Both sports arenas are near the river and are on each side of the Freedom Center.  I imagine it can get pretty lively some days .  These buildings are on upper Vine Street.

See you next time when I'll be sharing utility covers.  If you have visited before you know I take photos of them where ever I go.  Until then.

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