Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Views from Above

Yesterday I focused on utility covers.  I have more of them from Texas but I'll include them at another time.  Today I am focusing on images taken from airplanes. I always try to get a window seat so I can look at the clouds and terrain below.  It is so interesting to think I am soaring along like a bird but at this tender age being out in the air might be kind of scary.  Anyway, let's head for the clouds.




 All of these were taken enroute to Austin, Texas.  The southwest flight can yield lots of beautiful sky views.  These were taken in May 2013.  When I was returning I had a change to get a few clear shots of the desert and mountains probably over Arizona/Nevada.

 I might try making a quilt from this image.


 This is getting closer to central Texas.

I am enjoying looking at these after several months.  What a beautiful world.

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