Sunday, December 16, 2012

Let There Be Peace

Today we are all  mindful of the pain and suffering of the families and friends of the victims and survivors of the Newtown, CT tragedy.  Healing is a slow process and I extend condolences, prayers of love and hope to the entire community.

Among many excellent exhibits at the 20th Anniversary exhibit of Quilt Week was a tribute to the victims and survivors of the tsunami.  Quilters from around the country made what appeared to be 7-8" square quilts there were a tribute to the victims and survivors of that tragic event.  In addition to the mini quilts was a super size quilt hanging from the rafters.

                                             This is the opening signage for the exhibit.

Following are examples of mini heart quilts that were among my favorite  They tugged at my heart strings.  I liked the variations in styles, techniques and materials.

I really like this quilt where everyone is standing together and cheering for hope and love.

It is hard to choose a favorite but there is something about this circle of love that I find especially appealing.
If you have a favorite let me know. I actually encourage viewers to make their own mini heart quilt statement to share with me, on Facebook or any place where others can know we are about LOVE!

Other themes in the exhibit include flowers and yoyos.

 Let peace rain down.

                                           Who doesn't love a sunflower and a little bee?

Spinning tops were very popular when I was a child and it was nice to see this quilt with two of them on them.

                                             We can never have too many angels.

                                                                 Mini red work!

                 Hug your family and friends and see you next time. I'm off to making a mini heart quilt.                      

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