Tuesday, December 18, 2012


I am fascinated by trees and am always looking for different shapes and colors.  While walking along a Yokohama Harbor trail I found these beautiful specimens.  They remind me of sentinels guarding the shore.

In contrast I was walking in Tokyo near the Ginza and found a garden surrounded by a small museum and several restaurants.  The color and texture of the bark was wonderful to see and I'll be trying to create work that simulates this effect.

The beautiful amber shade of this group of trees is unique.

The two tone color of the bark is beautiful.
The texture of this bark along with the knots reminds me of an animal.

Much closer to home are these California trees that have their own textures, color and beauty.

And who says we Californians don't have trees that change color with the seasons.

San Ramon, a 15 minute drive from home provided these bits of colorful.
Lastly, we have  my beginning efforts at quilted trees that were made earlier this year.

 A bit of spring!
 A touch of autumn.
Surviving winter.

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