Friday, December 14, 2012


Although I focus on anything related to quilts, I certainly had time to enjoy other things as well including the  Quilt Week venue neighborhood.  Yokohama, a port city, had plenty to offer.  The architecture and public art was wonderful to observe.  Inside and outside installations gave me plenty to think about.

The Pan Pacific Hotel opens into Queens Mall where Christmas decorations were already visible.  This tree was beautifully decorated and the light/music show had it's opening the first day we were there.

The Queens Mall has three sections with five floors each.  There is an abundance of shops and restaurants that range from international chains to local specialty shops.  You can take the subway located in the  basement level to  numerous locations.


 These are examples of exterior site specific metal sculptures located on the bridge walkway level between the sections of the mall.

This mosaic work is located near the post office on the 2nd floor level of the mall.  I love the color and movement from wall to floor or floor to wall, take your pick.    



                                                          Pieces,  reflections and me.

This glass and paint public art piece is on the fifth floor of one of the building.  I regret that I didn't take a detail.  I am always inspired by how other artists see the world and make their marks in it.  Following are a series of pattern pieces showing the use of mirrors on buildings that create a beautiful set of shapes and  patterns.

                 Two views of exterior of Intercontinental Hotel and looking toward the Harbor Bridge.


                                         Upper level exterior view of Intercontinental Hotel.


                                 Street level views of the cityscape near the harbor and quilt venue.
                                 I love this 3 D effect with several floors coming out the main structure. It looks like an exterior reflection.

                                             Pan Pacific Hotel and mall buildings in the distance.
                                                                        Mall Tower

Examples of the cityscape will be continued as we look at  trees, a bit of fun with Cup of Noodles and more quilts.

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