Wednesday, December 19, 2012


The Cup of Noodle Museum is located two blocks from the Quilt Festival venue.  I walked over one day and joined groups of families to make my own cup of noodles.  Then I wandered around the museum and enjoyed reading about the history of the cup of noodle concept.

 A wall of noodles that looks just like strip piecing.
 A very true statement for us all.  This is the noodle company founder with other visionaries.
                                                 Cup of Noodle sculpture.
                                                          Noodle founder sculpture.

Since I'm talking about food I want to mention that the hotel had a delicious daily buffet ranging from traditional Japanese food to specially made omelets.  I will say the Japanese prefer their eggs cooked much softer than I like so I had to have them  cooked a bit longer.   I enjoyed all the baked goods, fruits, fresh juice and lots of green tea.  The hotel restaurant also had a nightly Indian buffet that included Ballywood videos.  The Queens Mall had numerous Italian restaurants.  You can find any type of food you want and we tried our fair share of many of them.

This is a sample of one of the lunches we had during our lecture break.

                                                                      The yummy goodies.
                                                               The great packaging.

According to our host Yokohama has the largest Chinatown outside China.  We had an absolutely wonderful multi course meal our last night there.  The seasoning was nothing like Chinese near me and I'm across the bay from San Francisco.  Unfortunately I was too busy eating to take photos but these are glimpses of the streets.

                                            Cab interior enroute to China Town Yokohama

                                                                 Narrow city streets

                                                          Sidewalk dragon sculpture

                                                    Sidewalk art and utility cover

                                                                     It time to eat.

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