Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Utility covers and street stencils attracted my attention as usual as I walked along Tokyo streets.  I had fun walking and snapping industrial and informational art.  Following are examples street life.

I like the tile work sizes and shapes, colors and bumps.  Because it had been raining earlier there are a few wet fallen leaves here and there.


The stencils indicate clearly municipal governments don't want pedestrians walking and smoking but you can find cigarette vending machines on sidewalks. 

Bicycles are a frequently used method of transportation and signage on sidewalks are providing information for their use.

These street signs, vending machines and traffic all provide a glimpse of Japanese city life.

 This peeling paint has such an abstract quality to it.
 Don't you just love cultural language--Daddy Express!
                                                  Tokyo Tower in the distance.

                                 Officer controlling evening commute traffic near Shinigawa Station, Tokyo.


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